25 June 2022,   14:14
EMC will defend Zviad Ratiani"s rights in Strasbourg court

Zviad Ratiani"s case will be examined by the European Court of Human Rights. The writer, who was brutally beaten by police, was forced to leave the country; Zviad Ratiani"s rights will be defended at the European Court of Human Rights by the Education and Monitoring Center. 

According to the complaint, the organization demands that law enforcers investigate the case of the mistreatment of Zviad Ratiani.
According to EMC spokeswoman Sophie Verdzeuli, the investigation has been underway for more than a year, but no culprits have been identified. According to her, the case clearly shows his discrediting by the authorities.
“Investigations have been underway for more than a year, though no responsible police officer has been identified in the case. Zviad Ratiani does not have the status of the victim so far and the qualification of the investigation is quite problematic. These are the main arguments on the basis of which we also request that the Court assess the fact of violation of Zviad Ratiani"s right to an ineffective investigation. The case of Zviad Ratiani is the most obvious case of how the logic of law and justice came upside down and how the victim had to go to justice when the entire system tried to discredit him by posting video footage and other attempts, ”Sophie Verdzeuli said.