04 July 2022,   04:47
Electoral Legislation Reform - Opposition speaks about gaps in reform

The Election Code Reform Working Group continues consultations. Politicians and civil society representatives will gather again this morning. Despite the success reached regarding conducting next elections under the proportional system, the opposition has been focusing on the shortcomings in the reform.
The main problem for the parties is the ban on election blocs, which threatens a strong opposition union. Levan Bezhashvili, one of the leaders of the United National Movement, says the government"s goal is to clear the political field.
"We can call these changes directed against the United Opposition," Bezhashvili said.
The opposition also speaks about an attempt to restrict freedom in the reform project, which they say will hurt the media along with the parties in the country.
According to Eka Beselia, the draft of amendments has been improved. According to the MP, there is a need for eliminating ambiguity and in-depth explanations of these changes . Beselia says the practice of collecting supporters" lists, introduced by the new legislation, radically contradicts ODIHR`s recommendations.
Irakli Glonti, secretary-general of Law and Justice, said the opposition would not support a bill that would ban the union of opponents of the government.
The ruling party is calling on the opposition to put aside everyone"s narrow party interests aside and to build consensus on electoral legislation for the country"s better future.
Tamar Zhvania, the CEC chairperson, is taking part in the consultations, saying that yesterday"s meeting had already highlighted issues that should be discussed today.