25 June 2022,   14:42
Legislative interference can be perceived as interference to the right of freedom of speech” - Nino Goguadze

The "Georgian Dream" has a different opinion regarding the amendments to the Election Code.
Nino Goguadze, a member of the ruling party believes that freedom of expression should be safeguarded without changes to the Code so that no changes are made in this direction. According to Goguadze, the use of hate speech is a problem, but if legislation is introduced into the law, it will leave questions about restricting freedom of speech.
"The standard we have is not to interfere with freedom of expression. If there is a problem and this problem is hate speech, xenophobic statements I think a different approach is needed, not a legislative one. Legislative interference, can be perceived as interference to this right,” - said Nino Goguadze.
David Mathikashvili, a member of the governing team, said that the purpose of the consultations is to adopt a code with the received recommendations from our international partners.
"We are conducting a relevant meeting with the full political spectrum for the second day precisely to reach consensus on electoral legislation and to take into account the recommendations provided by our international partners," - Matiikashvili said.