05 July 2022,   22:50
I hope that after "Rustavi 2" the turn of "TV Pirveli" will not come - Nata Dzvelishvili

Executive Director of the Charter of Journalistic Ethics hopes that summoning the owner of the TV Pirveli for questioning will not affect the editorial policy of the channel. According to Nata Dzvelishvili, when there is political interest in a particular television station, the government is using all means to achieve its goal and the example is Rustavi 2 case. Nata Dzvelishvili hopes that after "Rustavi 2" it will not be"TV Pirveli" and it will continue independent broadcasting.
“I hope that this questioning is not in any way related to "TV Pirveli" and will not affect TV Pirveli in any way. I hope that after "Rustavi 2" there will be no "TV Pirveli" and this broadcaster will continue to work independently. The case of Rustavi 2 has shown us practically that when there is political interest, all means can be used to achieve that interest, ”Nata Dzvelishvili said.
Vato Tsereteli, the owner of TV Pirveli, has been summoned for questioning. He wrote about it on the social network.
Vato Tsereteli notes that he is summoned to the Prosecutor"s Office, but says he will answer questions only in the presence of a magistrate judge.
Vato Tsereteli writes that he will not let anybody to strangle TV Pirveli.