05 July 2022,   23:21
Moving towards dictatorship - Opposition believes that the government"s next target is "TV Pirveli"

Another target of the government is "TV Pirveli"- Opposition responds to the summoning of Vakhtang Tsereteli to the Prosecutor"s Office, saying that the government is leading the country towards a totalitarian dictatorship.
Tina Bokuchava, one of the leaders of the United National Movement, is convinced that the government is trying to stop all the critical channels and politicians.
"Since Bidzina Ivanishvili thinks that by the hand of Kibar Khalvashi he will gradually change the editorial policy of Rustavi 2, he has reached out to another critical media, and in particular "TV Pirveli", naturally, this will be his attempt to control another critical media outlet. Because it is fundamentally unacceptable for him to have critical thinking and free speech in the country," Tina Bokuchava said.
One of the leaders of European Georgia, Otar Kakhidze, says that at the end of the seven-year collapse, Ivanishvili"s government is politically bankrupt and is trying to limit critical thinking as much as possible. According to Kakhidze, if the government continues political repression, it will end badly.
Eka Beselia also says that the real target is "TV Pirveli". According to her, it is even funny that Vakhtang Tsereteli is really summoned to the Prosecutor"s Office for the TBC Bank case.