05 July 2022,   13:21
11 years since the August war - the memory of the fallen heroes was commemorated by the Mayor and the Chairman of the City Council

Eleven years since the August war - in memory of the fallen heroes, the mayor of the capital and the chairman of the city council have come to the Mukhatgverdi Brothers" Cemetery. They paid tribute to the memory of those killed in the August 2008 war and laid a wreath at the memorial.
Kakha Kaladze puts responsibility for what happened 11 years ago at the then government which failed to prevent the war.
Eleven years have passed since the Russia-Georgia war. As of August 5, 2008, north of the Roki Tunnel, thousands of Russian heavy military vehicles and thousands of troops had been mobilized on the Russian side and were waiting to enter Georgia. Some of them had already crossed the tunnel and were on the territory of Georgia.
Nevertheless, the Kremlin still insists that on August 8 the Tskhinvali population was forced to flee from the Georgians. As a result of the five-day war, more than 100,000 Georgian citizens were displaced, 1800 were wounded, 170 Georgian military personnel, 14 police officers and 300 civilians were killed.