25 June 2022,   11:09
We all expected that after "Rustavi 2" TV "Pirveli`s" turn would come - NGOs

After "Rustavi 2" TV "Pirveli" - NGOs respond to attack on media.The developments surrounding TV Pirveli and its owner constitute a small part of a large chain of attacks on the free speech for the civil society.
" We have seen that there is a reasonable doubt that there are political motives behind this investigation. After Rustavi 2, everyone was expecting that Pirveli TV`s turn would come, and we all see this happening, ”-Eka Gigauri said.
NGO representatives say the government is trying to influence TV"s editorial policy in various ways.
Mariam Jishkarian, director of the NGO Empathy Center for Psychological Rehabilitation of Torture Victims, says the attack on TV First is an attack on the independence and democratic values. According to Jishkariani, they are now expecting a serious attack on the NGO sector.