30 June 2022,   21:04
Nika Gvaramia publicly tore up the indictment

Nika Gvaramia has recently left the prosecutor"s office. He was formally handed the indictment. Gvaramia publicly tore up the indictment at the prosecutor"s office. According to the former director-general of Rustavi 2, the episode that prosecutor Amiran Guluashvili spoke about at the briefing is not included in charges. The case is about the issue of apartments.
“I will not read this idiocy. This is shameful. It is a catastrophe, and what Guluashvili has done is the reason for imprisonment for the lies and the gossip, the absolutely false accusation. All these creatures who do these horrors will end up in prison. I will not forgive anyone for Putin-style political arrests in Georgia, ”- Nika Gvaramia said.
Prosecutor"s Office has charged Nika Gvaramia today. Gvaramia was charged under Article 220 of the Criminal Code of Georgia, which implies "abuse of managerial, representative or other special powers in an enterprise or other organization against the lawful interests of this organization for acquiring benefits or advantage for oneself or another person, which has resulted in considerable damage".