26 October 2021,   07:22
We are going to start talks in the coming days - Paata Salia accepts the Finance Minister"s offer on debt restructuring

Paata Salia, the General Director of "Rustavi 2" accepts the proposal of the Minister of Finance and is ready to sit at the negotiating table with Ivane Machavariani on debt restructuring.

According to Paata Salia, the debt of Rustavi 2 will not be repaid quickly, because of its amount.

"We are going to start negotiations with the Ministry of Finance, the Revenue Service in the coming days and find the most effective way that will help the television to continue to function without interruptions," Paata Salia said.

The Finance Minister today called on the TV companies, which have arrears, to refer to the debt restructuring agency.

According to the Minister of Finance, the debt of Rustavi 2 now amounts to 28 million, 19 million is the debt of TV Imedi and 9 million GEL of the Maestro .