04 July 2022,   04:39
"They are ruled by the Russian forces" - Father Andria confirms the meeting og Reverend Petre and Nino Burjanadze

Was Nino Burjanadze offered the political cooperation to sort out relations with Russia? New details of the church crisis appeared after the Patriarchate"s lawyer gave an interview to Kurieri. Some clergymen think that Edisher Karchava"s statements are just an attempt to cover up the scandal with former Chkondidi Metropolitan.

A person close to Reverend Petre, Father Andria Saria confirms that the meeting between former Chkondidi Metropolitan and Nino Burjanadze was indeed held. However, Father Andria said the meeting was a few minutes long and he had no information on the topics discussed.

“They are ruled by the Russian forces. The Georgian Church is still in this awkward situation. As for the meeting with Nino Burjanadze, I just know that a few years ago - I can"t remember, when exactly - she prayed and then met him for a few minutes”, - said Father Andria.