18 January 2021,   12:02
This is an example of a political solution and a good message for Europe – Andrius Kubilius

Andrius Kubilius, Co-President of the Euronest Parliamentary Assembly, welcomes the meeting between the opposition and the authorities. He believes the proportional system can bring more balanced election results.

“Negotiation was reasonably successful on Sunday. I believe that the proportional system can bring more balanced election results. As I understand, there is an agreement for the continuing dialogue. Particularly, on how to modernize the electoral system.

I call on government for more proportionality, which can bring more balanced results after next year’s elections, which will be very important.

More proportionality will bring more balance, which is very important. Every Eastern Partnership country should think about it because in regarding recent developments in Eastern Partnership countries, we can see a certain phenomenon that we can call an attempt to form a mono-majority, super-majority. On the one hand, this helps to carry out some reforms, but on the other hand, in case of such a majority, there is a temptation to use it for undemocratic purposes”, - said Andrius Kubilius