14 August 2022,   07:30
New Year lights lit in the streets of Tbilisi

At the first stage, New Year lights and decorations were lit on Tsereteli, Robakidze, King Tamar, Vazha-Pshavela, Kazbegi and Guramishvili avenues, as well as Kostava, Kandelaki, Gamsakhurdia, Dolidze, Cholokashvili, Tamarishvili, Melikishvili, King Farnavaz, Cotne Dadiani, Gorgasali and Leonidze streets.

In the following days, the remaining avenues and streets of Tbilisi will be lit.

The process of installing lights will be finished in a few days.

Tbilisi City Hall decided to decorate Rustaveli Avenue and Orbeliani Square with completely renovated new designs and lights.