20 August 2022,   07:05
The promised proportional system failed because of political reality - Giorgi Gakharia

The Prime Minister of Georgia answered to the letter of US Congressmen.

According to Giorgi Gakharia, the promised proportional system could not be implemented in the light of political reality.

“Of course, we will provide real and objective information regarding the dispersal of the rally and we see no problems in this part, as we trust all the steps taken by the law enforcement system during the rallies. The freedom of expression in the country as protected, open and transparent as it is today.

We have our reaction to the criticism coming from our friends and strategic partners. We receive all kind of criticism in the working regime and I don’t see any problem about that.

The U.S. is a strategic partner and if there are questions, they will be answered.

This is a part of positive cooperation and part of friendship and strategic partnership. But there are legislative procedures, already passed, and nobody can question the decision made by the parliament. This is the parliament elected by people and all the rest is a political process.


The Georgian parliament has already approved changes on the transition to a fully proportional electoral system starting from 2024 and the decision will not be changed. 

The ruling party was the initiator of the early transition to a fully proportional electoral system starting from 2020. However, the bill was rejected in parliament. 

This is the political process taking place in the parliament elected by the people. We are open for discussions and the discussion [with the opposition on 2020 elections] will continue”, - said the Head of the Government.