18 July 2024,   05:59
The fate of Parliamentary Elections and Anaklia Port Project Unknown - The Heritage Foundation article

The American research and educational organization Heritage Foundation has released a report, titled "Five Top Priorities in US-Georgia Relations in 2020".

The author of the work is Alexey Mrachek, an assistant researcher on issues related to Russia and Eurasia.

The report notes that 2020 will be an important year in US-Georgian relations. Parliamentary elections will be held in Georgia in October 2020. Mrachek points out that given the active protests in 2019, these elections will most likely be noisy and tense.

As for the top five priorities for the US-Georgia relationship in 2020, the author considers that in order to maintain its commitment to Georgia, the US needs to focus on the following: Support Free and Fair Parliamentary Elections in Georgia; Push for a Free Trade Agreement with Georgia; Support Georgia’s NATO Aspirations; Strengthen the Bilateral Defense Relationship; Prod Georgia to Find a New Investor for the Anaklia Port.