14 July 2024,   04:40
If the government does not change this electoral system, it will receive the worse result – Sergi Kapanadze

If the government does not change this electoral system, the opposition has plan “b”. Such a statement made Sergi Kapanadze, one of the members of the European Georgia party.

According to him, the opposition is going to arrange the “corridor of shame” in front of the parliament tomorrow.
“Opposition would continue boycotting the Parliament. But we are ready to take part in the next round of meetings. We don’t know the date yet, but we expect our international partners to offer us a specific date soon. We should all understand that the main task of these meetings is to agree on electoral systems that ensure proportionate and equitable representation of the people in parliament. Accordingly, any proposal that serves this purpose is acceptable to us.
We already had two specific proposals, one of them involves multi-mandate constituencies and the other - so-called “German model”. Accordingly, such models may be discussed. The models presented by the government, including 100/50 or any other, do not serve this purpose and cannot be discussed by us. If the government does not engage in this dialogue and does not change this electoral system, there is a plan “b” from the opposition.

This is an agreement in the majoritarian constituencies and nomination of joint candidates for majoritarian constituencies. In this case, the government will lose the elections in 2020 even more severely”, - concluded Kapanadze.