14 July 2024,   04:39
Our protest rally postponed due to severe tragedy - Ugulava

The opposition postponed a planned rally because of the tragedy in Baghdadi, but protests will resume tomorrow morning. Such a statement made Gigi Ugulava, one of the leaders of European Georgia.

He also called on MPs to postpone today’s sitting because of the tragedy as a sign of unanimity.

“After a tragedy like this, we all need to think, mobilize, and mourn. I want to ask our Parliament to postpone the session. As for the next plans, we think we will gather again and demand proportional, fair elections at 10:00 tomorrow, if the sitting of the Parliament is held tomorrow. We will protest tomorrow like we were doing it before – we will arrange a “corridor of shame””, - said Ugulava.

The opposition has also postponed picketing state buildings due to the Baghdadi tragedy that left six people dead.

Six people, among them four children, were killed in the fire in Baghdati town of western Imereti region of Georgia last night.

Rescuers were unable to save the lives of the six as the fire spread fast through the wooden house, neighbors say, stating that the family was poor, with no gas and electricity, and the fire likely came from the fireplace.