14 July 2024,   05:26
Shotadze considers wrong communication with victim’s family as one of the main problems in “Khorava street case”

The Prosecutor’s Office is interviewing the candidate for Prosecutor General’s position, former Prosecutor General, Irakli Shotadze, who resigned on May 31, 2018, amid protests over a high-profile “Khorava Street” murder case involving teenagers.

During the interview, Shotadze commented on his resignation.
“I believe that with my resignation “Khorava Street” case was brought to a logical conclusion. I still do not regret the decision. 

My resignation was my decision and I made it for the interests of the Prosecutor’s office and the state. There was a special situation at that time. There was a problem of communication with the public on a really serious criminal case. Political groups and parties often try to use such cases for their own political interests. Such a situation and the misunderstanding in the society was mainly caused by the political parties, which manipulated with this tragedy and misled the public. The main message of his resignation was to show the public that maintaining the post was not important to him”, - said Shotadze.