18 July 2024,   05:51
It was a conversation between friends, strategic partners - Zalkaliani met with Senators

The official meetings are held by the Georgian Foreign Minister in the US. Davit Zalkaliani met with Senators Jim Risch and Jeanne Shaheen. There was also a meeting with American experts. At the meeting the sides discussed the letters that the Georgian authorities have recently received. Discussions also focused on the political situation in the country and the electoral system. According to the Minister, the meetings were quite productive.

“I believe this two-day visit will prove to be a perfect tool to present our American partner, which is our principal strategic partner, with all information at our hands, on external as well as internal affairs. We define this as friendly advice by our strategic partner, and we will expand on this topic later. We will also elaborate upon the objectivity and subjectivity of information. I will be honest with them, and I will present them with the current situation without a bit of embellishment. I am sure that thanks to the actions which the government has taken so far and will take in the future, our strategic partnership will advance to the next level”, - said Zalkaliani.