14 July 2024,   05:03
The Prosecutor’s Office refused to launch investigation into interference with Ombudsman’s activities

According to Public Defender, the Prosecutor’s Office refused to launch an investigation into the interference with and influence on the Ombudsman’s activities.

According to Nino Lomjaria, the Prosecutor’s Office sent them a letter stating that the agency did not see any signs of an offence.

“We have recently received an official reply from the Prosecutor’s Office and they refuse to launch an investigation into the incident, because they believe there were no signs of an offence. So, we were directly told that the Prosecutor’s Office would not launch an investigation into the case. I spoke to the relevant authorities and my position is unchanged - I think there was influence on the Ombudsman, which is prohibited by the Criminal Code. I think the signs of an offence were obvious. The letter lacked substantiation and I do not agree with their arguments. We will publicize this letter to let the public know what arguments the Prosecutor"s Office has for refusing to launch an investigation”, - said Lomjaria.

She addressed the Prosecutor’s Office with regard to the disclosure of information about the Public Defender"s meeting with inmates by the Special Penitentiary Service and requested the launch of an investigation into the case on January 23.