18 July 2024,   06:21
The President of Georgia met the representatives of religious confessions

The President of Georgia met with the representatives of different religious confessions at the Orbeliani Palace. Chairman of the State Agency for Religious Issues and representatives of 11 different confessions were present at the meeting. 

In her speech, Salome Zourabichvili underlined peaceful cohabitation of representatives of different religious convictions in Georgia and tolerance of the Georgian people.

“The majority of Georgians are Orthodox Christians. However, representatives of different religions enjoy absolute religious freedom here.

The relations among us which are based on respect and friendship are paramount, for it brings peace to the country, which is crucial today”, - said the President.

“It is extremely important is the fact that the President underscored the status quo which has existed in the country since the time immemorial and which envisages tolerance and acceptance of different cultures and religions.

The more known will become Georgians attitude to different cultures and religions, the easier it will be to measure the nation’s contribution to this or that cultural event or phenomenon”, - added the Deacon Andria Jaghmaidze.

Mufti of western Georgia Haji Adam Shantadze defined the meeting initiated by Zourabichvili as important and prolific.

“Georgia has always been a multinational country with different religious groups. People of different nationalities and religious convictions have resided here peacefully. Nothing has changed so far, and precisely this is what makes us unique. This constitutes our national and cultural treasure, which is to be protected, cherished, and preserved. I think today"s meeting is a step forward in this direction”, - said the Mufti.