16 July 2024,   07:44
Kaladze does not rule out possibility of winning constitutional majority by Georgian Dream

Kakha Kaladze commented on the election system. According to the Secretary General of ruling party, the only political party that has a chance of winning is the Georgian Dream, and the already existing system allows those who have the support of the people to win.

“The opposition has to decide how they will act. The main thing is to decide on the electoral system. We offered a compromise option of 100/50. If the opposition does not agree with this option, the elections will take place in a current manner. During Saakashvili’s time, when the media was not free, we still managed to come to power.

I agree with Irakli Kobakhidze, the only political party that has a chance of winning a solid majority in Parliament, and maybe even the constitutional majority, is the Georgian Dream-Democratic Georgia. There is a strong support among the population. Everybody sees everything, what is happening, what the situation is and what the facing challenges are”, - said Kaladze.