16 July 2024,   07:29
Beka Basilaia does not rule out that Gigi Ugulava will be arrested today

Today the Supreme Court of Georgia will announce the verdict on the case of Gigi Ugulava. Beka Basilaia, his lawyer, does not rule out that Ugulava will be arrested today.

According to Basilaia, he has no positive expectations about the verdict.

The lawyer appealed to the Supreme Court on February 6 with the motion to dismiss Judge Shalva Tadumadze. He thinks that Tadumadze cannot be objective regarding this case.

“Shalva Tadumadze was the Prosecutor General at the time when the Court of Appeals discussed the case. It makes us think he cannot be objective. It is impossible to represent the Prosecutor’s Office, and to be a judge at the same time”. – said Basilaia.

Tbilisi City Court found Gigi Ugulava and four other persons guilty, regarding the so-called fund’s case in February 2018.