14 July 2024,   04:45
Dialogue is necessary, we are ready for it - Anri Okhanashvili on the meeting with opposition

Anri Okhanashvili, the Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Legal Affairs, says that dialogue with the opposition is important for the ruling party, and that why they offer the compromise option of the electoral system.

“Dialogue is necessary and we are ready for it. That is why we have not closed the dialogue door and offered a compromised option. Our version is based not on narrow-party interests, but on the long-term development of our country”, - said Anri Okhanashvili.

The opposition and the ruling party are awaiting the 5th round of talks on the electoral system. The date of the meeting has not been set yet, but it should be held in February, as the Speaker of Parliament says the “window of agreement” is closing at the end of the month.