16 July 2024,   06:15
It does not matter who you will jail, we will split your head open - Grigol Vashadze

It does not matter who you will jail, no matter how many imprisonments, it is impossible to stop this wave. Such a statement made ​​Grigol Vashadze whike commenting the decision of the Supreme Court on Gigi Ugulava’s case.

According to Vashadze, this is another incentive for the opposition to fight in the elections with united forces.

“From the very beginning, he was skeptical about starting a dialogue with the government. By deciding to incarcerate Gigi Ugulava, the Georgian Dream has delivered its own verdict.

The fact that Gigi goes to jail will be another incentive for all opposition parties to sit down and agree on joint action”, - said Grigol Vashadze.