14 July 2024,   05:56
Our main will be to destroy the Government with the current model of elections - Sergi Kapanadze

Our main will be to destroy the Government with the current model of elections. Such a statement made one of the leaders of the European Georgia Sergi Kapanadze while commenting on the arrest of Gigi Ugulava.

“It was senseless to continue talks with the authorities. Yesterday’s decision of Ivanishvili, when he arrested Gigi Ugulava, is a weak politician’s decision. He thinks that he weakened the opposition by this step, but this is not so.

We do not see any sense in continuing to negotiate with the authorities on the electoral system, since it is impossible to talk with the opponent, who makes such steps. So, these negotiations have been suspended and we will now move to a new action strategy.

Ultimately, the main task of this new strategy will be to destroy the government with the current model of elections. Let us not forget that the disadvantage of this model is that the winning party receives the absolute majority, the opposition will win and gain the absolute majority.

The opposition will continue its plans, including picketing and protest rallies. Nothing has changed in our future plans. The arrest of Gigi, and other opposition leaders are likely to be arrested in coming weeks, changes nothing. We continue our usual uncompromising resistance against Ivanishvili”, - concluded Kapanadze.