14 July 2024,   23:13
Any political actor has to be seated in the negotiation’s table, not in a prison cell - members of the European Parliament on Ugulava’s case

Michael Gahler, a member of the European People’s Party, responds to the arrest of Gigi Ugulava, leader of European Georgia. According to the MEP, it is difficult to believe that the cases against opposition leaders are not politically motivated.

“There is worrying news coming from #Georgia. Ahead of the elections, opposition leader Gigi Ugulava is again in prison. We hear about cases against other opposition leaders. Hard to believe it is not politically motivated. Endangers consensus on electoral reform”, - tweeted Gahler.

The Spanish MEP also concerned about the verdict. According to Nacho Sanchez Amor, “Gigi Ugulava should sit at the negotiating table and not in the prison cell”. Nacho Sanchez Amor wrote on Twitter.

“Very concerned about last political developments in Georgia. The country has a long record on political retaliations. Regrettably the past is becoming painful present. Any political actor, and Ugulava is a key one, has to be seated in the negotiation’s table, not in a prison cell”, - tweeted a member of the European Parliament.

On February 10, the Supreme Court found Ugulava guilty of embezzling funds, in particular, GEL 48 million, and sentenced him to three years in prison.