15 July 2024,   00:52
Seven people, including the mother of the child, arrested for selling the baby

Officers of the Investigation Service of the Ministry of Finance arrested seven persons on the fact of trafficking of minors.

According to the Investigation Service, the detainees include the mother of the baby and two doctors. One of the detainees convicted of the same crime in recent years.

The defendants found a person who wanted to buy a baby and demanded USD 13 000. To cover up the crime, the mother of the child registered under the surname of another person during pregnancy.

The Investigation Service detained all persons involved in this criminal scheme.

The newborn baby is currently under the care of the State Care and Victim Support Agency for Victims of Trafficking.

The investigation is launched under the third part of Article 143, subsection 2 of the Criminal Code of Georgia. The crime is punishable by imprisonment from 14 to 17 years.