14 July 2024,   23:53
The majority leader calls on the opposition to resume dialogue

On behalf of the ruling party – Mdinaradze invites opponents to the dialogue table

The Georgian Dream has urged opposition to resume negotiations with them on the 2020 elections, as the opposition decided to suspend dialogue after the arrest of Gigi Ugulava for embezzlement of 48 million GEL while serving as Tbilisi mayor.

Majority leader Mamuka Mdinaradze said that on behalf of the ruling party, he invites opponents to the dialogue table.

“We believe that dialogue and consensus have no alternative. This is what our public expects and this is the recommendation of our international partners, namely to stabilize processes and resolve existing challenges in a peaceful, constructive way.

We would like to thank our key strategic partner, the US Embassy, ​​which calls on both the opposition and us to engage in dialogue and is ready to play the role of a mediator in the political dialogue.

Georgian Dream joins the embassy’s concern that the timing of the court’s verdict against Gigi Ugulava coincided with the dialogue on the electoral system. However, the prerogative of administering justice rests with the independent court and not politicians.

We think that all responsible politicians should be involved in the process of dialogue to find an optimal way to reach a consensus and de-escalation. We also want to make it clear that politics cannot be an asylum or indulgence for perpetrators. Our policy is that the response to the abuse of power will be extremely harsh and irreconcilable”, - said Mamuka Mdinaradze.

Salome Zourabichvili addresses the ambassadors

Salome Zourabichvili addresses the ambassadors on the continuation of the dialogue between the Government and the opposition. The President of Georgia released an official statement.

“Salome Zurabishvili responds to statements released by international organizations and diplomats on the continuation of dialogue between political opponents. The President will contact ambassadors playing as facilitators to discuss the ways of her involvement for dialogue renewal”, - reads the statement.

The game of stupid kids - Zurab Japaridze comments on “Dream” proposal on dialogue

According to Zurab Girchi Japaridze, the leader of the Girchi party, no one believes in the Government, neither inside nor outside the country. For him this proposal is just a “game of stupid kids”.

“I think no one believes in this game of stupid kids either inside or outside the country. Until they play the role of such stupid people - I don’t like to use medical terms in general, but still - no one will believe them. Consequently, this shows that they are not serious. Obviously, take Mdinaradze seriously, it makes no sense to talk to them. They should realize that there is a crisis in the country and take appropriate steps. Talking about it before will make no sense”, - concluded Japaridze.

They are trying to sell this cheap “clownery” - Bokeria on Mdinaradze’s proposal

One of the leaders of European Georgia Giga Bokeria also commenting on the statements of representatives of the authorities on the continuation of the dialogue. As he said, the Government received “a wave of criticism and hardest assessments inside and outside the country”.

“Ivanishvili’s clowns left talks and now they claim they want dialogue. They said that they were not going to concede anything and continued violence themselves. That’s why they have been held accountable and received a wave of criticism and the hardest assessments inside and outside the country. Now they are trying to sell this cheap “clownery”, which is a characteristic of political clowns.

They know well what is needed for normalization of the process – they should fulfill their commitment after the bloodshed at least with the reasonable compromise we offered; they should release political prisoners and end violence and political persecution, hold normal or relatively normal elections, and then put up with the idea that people will deliver a political judgment, that is, they will lose power”, - said Giga Bokeria.

They want to deceive voters and the international community - Gotsiridze is not going to return to dialogue

Roman Gotsiridze from United National Movement, views the Government’s proposal to continue dialogue over the electoral system as an attempt to win time. According to him, the authorities do not want to reach a real compromise:

“Under these circumstances, the dialogue makes no sense, as the Georgian Dream does not want dialogue. They are not ready to compromise, they want to win time, to deceive voters and international partners. But it didn"t work out. The last mask was removed after Gigi Ugulava’s arrest. Under any election system, the Georgian Dream goes out of the political field and goes to the political trash”, - said Roman Gotsiridze.

Government is the main culprit in disrupting dialogue – Gugava responds Mdinaradze

One of the leaders of the Labor Party, Giorgi Gugava, said that the Government is the main culprit in the disruption of the dialogue. According to him, the ruling team carried out a repressive measure and arrested Gigi Ugulava directly at the negotiating table.

“The opposition was sitting at the negotiating table. We were ready and offered some compromises. A new compromise was also being prepared, but at this time they carried out a repressive measure and arrested Gigi Ugulava directly at the negotiation table. Negotiations under these conditions are unbelievable”, - concluded Giorgi Gugava.