16 July 2024,   08:10
Irakli Shotadze’s program – opposition boycott and Georgian Dream’s support

Irakli Shotadze presents his program at the committee sitting

Today Legal Issues Committee of the Parliament of Georgia is listening to the candidate for the post of the Prosecutor General Irakli Shotadze.

The Prosecutor’s Office selected Irakli Shotadze’s candidacy for the Prosecutor General’s Office on February 7. He received 11 votes out of 12 council members.

The members of opposition are boycotting the Committee sitting, while the Georgian Dream MPs say that they will support Irakli Shotadze’s candidate.

It should be mentioned that Shotadze needs the support of 76 MPs. The voting is scheduled for tomorrow.

Levan Koberidze - Shotadze’s re-election is a step backwards

Independent MPs attended the committee hearing of former Prosecutor General. As Levan Koberidze said they had tough questions.

He added that Shotadze’s re-election is a step backwards.

“Our faction have very tough questions. Irakli Shotadze is Bidzina Ivanishvili’s candidate. And it would be great if Ivanishvili said that Shotadze was his candidacy, proposed by the Georgian Dream. We will have specific questions, both from a political and purely legal point of view”, - said Koberidze.

Levan Tarkhnishvili - Shotadze’s Candidacy indicates that Ivanishvili has a severe personnel crisis

According to Levan Tarkhnishvili, a member of the political council of “European Georgia - Movement for Freedom”, the opposition continues the boycott regime and accordingly, a protest rally will be held tomorrow.

“Our factions are in a boycott and we are not going to stop this boycott. Most likely today nobody will ask Shotadze tough questions. As for tomorrow’s session, we are going to be active outside the Parliament. Shotadze’s return is an indication of Bidzina Ivanishvili’s and the whole Georgian Dream’s staffing crisis”, - said Tarkhnishvili.

Davit Matiikashvili – under the leadership of Shotadze, the Prosecutor General’s Office will be completely independent of political influence

The ruling team says that under the leadership of Irakli Shotadze, the Prosecutor General’s Office will be completely independent of political influence.

“Our opponents, the National Movement and its satellites, cannot hide their irritation and aggression against Irakli. This is also understandable, because with the name of this person an opening of a lot of crimes are connected. The crimes that were committed during the “National Movement”. Irakli Shotadze really deserves support”, - said the Deputy Chairman of the Georgian Dream parliamentary faction Davit Matiikashvili.

Anri Okhanashvili - Shotadze"s name is linked to numerous successful high-profile cases

The same position has Anri Okhanashvili, the Chairman of the Legal Issues Committee.
“First of all, we will have the opportunity to hear the vision of the candidates on several issues. Then everyone will have the opportunity to ask questions, and candidates will answer them.

The National Movement and its satellite parties are irritated because Irakli Shotadze dared to act following the law and the constitution.

Shotadze’s name is linked to numerous successful high-profile cases, the return of GEL 50 million to the victims, significant and new reforms in the prosecutor"s office, the ruling team will support him”, - concluded Okhanashvili.

Tina Bokuchava and Elene Khoshtaria came to the Law Committee Sitting in Ivanishvili’s Masks

There is a noise on the Legal issues Committee sitting in the Parliament, where the hearing of Irakli Shotadze, the candidate for the Prosecutor General’s Office, is scheduled.

Opposition lawmakers, Tina Bokuchava and Elene Khoshtaria, entered the hall wearing masks of Bidzina Ivanishvili.

Their appearance was followed by noise. The Chairman of the Committee, Anri Okhanashvili, called on her colleagues to remain calm.

Giorgi Vashadze - We will organize shame corridors near the Parliament tomorrow in parallel with Shotadze’s vote

Giorgi Vashadze, Chairman of the New Georgia party, said the opposition will hold a protest rally and organize shame corridors, when lawmakers will be listening to Irakli Shotadze, the candidate for the position of the Prosecutor General of Georgia, at the plenary session tomorrow, February 18.

According to Vashadze, the rally will start at 10:00am.

“We should remind the public that Shotadze is a regular servant of the Georgian Dream regime and they are returning him back for the only thing - he is loyal to Ivanishvili, he is loyal to the leaders of the Georgian Dream and can fulfill all orders and tasks. If we love our country, if we think that this process is not going right, we should join the rally, peaceful protest is our constitutionally guaranteed right”, - said Giorgi Vashadze.