20 July 2024,   16:32
The prohibition of Georgia-produced medicines in Tskhinvali – the President addresses International Organisations

The President of Georgia informed Director-General of World Health Organisation, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, and the Commissioner of Council of Europe for Human Rights in the occupied territories of Georgia on prohibition of Georgia-produced Medicines in occupied Tskhinvali.

“The so-called Akhalgori crossing point is locked, which is the direct cause of the humanitarian crisis.

Residents of the occupied territories, and especially retirees, those suffering from chronic diseases are in a difficult position. By blocking the so-called crossing point and banning the use of medicines, fundamental human rights, such as the right to health, the right to life and freedom of movement, are restricted. 

Also, imposing ban on medicines restrict fundamental human rights, including the right to health, the right to life and freedom of movement.

We called on the Commissioners to focus on the situation in the occupied territories of Georgia”, - reads the statement of Salome Zurabishvili.