16 July 2024,   06:32
Police of Samegrelo detained two people for robbing cemeteries

Police of Samegrelo detained two persons: B.L. 9 (DoB 1999) and A.D. (DoB 1999) for illegal appropriation of other’s property.

Investigation established that detainees robbed 10 graves located in Choga, Napichkhovo, Kurzu and Chkhorotsku. Detainees stole steal fences installed around graves and sold them to the scrap metal dealers operating in Zugdidi and Senaki.

Police seized fragments of the stolen fence and metal plates from the scrap metal dealing point in Senaki as evidence. Both of the detainees have already pleaded guilty.

Investigation is in progress on the fact of illegal appropriation of grave items, article 258 envisaged by the Criminal Code.