16 July 2024,   07:32
They do not interested in the answers on questions – Machavariani explains reasons for not attending committee meeting

The Minister of Finance explains reasons for not attending committee meeting in the Parliament.

Vano Machavariani says he might have to go to the legislature according to the regulations, but notes that all questions raised during the committee hearing were answered by him during the ministerial hour.

According to Machavariani, the MPs did not want to hear the answers on their questions.

“Just a few days ago, I was in the Parliament within the ministerial hour. I do not know whether you were listening to my speech or not. If you look at the speech, more than half of my time I was answering the questions that were raised during the committee hearing. You have seen that the lawmakers who signed this letter left the ministerial hour. They did not ask there any questions. They want me to come to that sitting just in order to organize something like circus”, - said Vano Machavariani.