14 July 2024,   05:45
Two arrested for assaulting cafe-bar owner in Gudauri

Police detained V.Ts. (date of birth - 1988) for violence committed against two or more persons and Sh.E. (date of birth - 1993) for violence committed in group.

Investigation established that on February 23, physical confrontation between V.Ts. (under the influence of the alcohol) and security staff of one of the café - bars located in Gudauri took place. V.Ts. physically and verbally assaulted the bar owner as well. As a result of the investigative activities V.Ts. was detained in Mtskheta, while Sh. E. was taken under arrest in Gudauri. At this moment investigative activities are being carried out in connection with others involved in the incident.

Investigation is in progress on the fact of violence against two or more persons committed in group, article 126, I part, sub-paragraphs “A” and “C” of the Criminal Code of Georgia.