16 July 2024,   06:12
The US Embassy in Georgia responds on the day of the Soviet occupation with the words of Mikheil Javakhishvili

The US Embassy in Georgia says that 99 years after the Soviet occupation of Georgia began, the US stands with Georgia in support of its hard-fought sovereignty, citing famous Georgia writer Mikheil Javakhishvili and his description of the occupation.

“On February 25th I felt how a piercing sword came into my body, going deeper and deeper since then… I am lurid... my body is shivering constantly. Now I have the tip of the sword propped at my heart and I feel if I move a bit it will go through it and will kill me without giving time to groan”, - reads the statement of the Embassy.

Today 99 years have passed since the day Georgia lost its three-year independence and was occupied by the Bolshevik Red Army.