14 July 2024,   04:28
12 new patients admitted in Infectious Diseases Hospital in Tbilisi - doctors are awaiting test results from the Lugar Lab

12 patients with likely symptoms of the novel Covid-2019 have been placed in isolation, as reported by the Infectious Diseases Hospital in Tbilisi. Doctors say they are awaiting test results from the Lugar Lab.

Three of them are Iranian and one Chinese citizen. According to the medics, the patients had a high temperature. Their analysis has already been sent to Lugar’s lab.

“Three of them are Iranians, one is Chinese and the rest of them are Georgians, mainly from Italy and from Milan. All such cases are treated as a possible case. We place such patients in hospital and conduct research. A test has been taken on all these thirteen patients and the results will be known to us in the afternoon”, - said Marina Ezugbaia, medical director of Tbilisi Infectious Diseases Hospital.