14 July 2024,   06:09
Greece confirms the first case of coronavirus

Europe continues to report a slew of coronavirus cases with France seeing its second death and Italy reporting its 12th death. Greece has also confirmed its first coronavirus case, a 40-year-old Greek woman who had traveled from an area of northern Italy.

Italy reported that four children in the country have also contracted the flu-like illness.

As South Korea and Japan report more cases of coronavirus, another Chinese city near the eastern Asian countries is stepping up restrictions on travelers.

A major city in Shandong province, Yantai, announced all travelers from abroad who arrive in the city will receive free nucleic acid tests for the virus. This move follows an earlier announcement from Weihai, another city in the province, that travelers from Japan and South Korea will be put in hotels for a 14-day free quarantine.

The President of U.S. Donald Trump has announced he is to stage a news conference at the White House on coronavirus, to counter what he claims are efforts by news organizations to stoke fears over the scale of the outbreak.