20 July 2024,   16:33
I assure the population, at this stage there is no risk of high prevalence of coronavirus in Georgia - Ekaterina Tikaradze

At this stage, there is no risk of high prevalence coronavirus infection in Georgia. Such a statement made today the Minister of Health of Georgia Ekaterina Tikaradze during the Government meeting

“I assure the population that at this stage there is no risk of high prevalence coronavirus in Georgia and, accordingly, there is no danger of an epidemic.

Last night, those 13 patients were transferred from the infectious diseases hospital to the quarantine zone, however, they were not infected with the coronavirus. 

By this time, 10 patients stay in the hospital, five of whom are from Italy, one is an Italian citizen and four Georgians, five are from Iran, one is Georgian and the rest are citizens of Azerbaijan. We continue our coordinated work, and currently we have enough space for quarantine of citizens who were in close contact with infected people and arrived in Georgia from high-risk areas. These locations are located in different places in Georgia. We make sure that they have the appropriate conditions. We have mobilized hospitals located in Batumi, as well as in Kutaisi, there are several hospitals in Tbilisi”, - concluded the Minister.