23 July 2024,   18:05
The Prime Minister instructed the Interagency Coordination Council to keep the population constantly updated on coronavirus

The Prime Minister has instructed the Interagency Coordination Council to keep the country"s population constantly updated on coronavirus.

Giorgi Gakharia, during today’s Government meeting, thanked the leadership of the National Center for Disease Control for providing the public with relevant information.

“I would like to emphasize and, on behalf of all citizens, thank you personally and your deputy, Paata Imnadze, and the entire Center for Disease Control and Prevention, for the vitally important awareness you are advancing in Georgian society in relation to this and similar challenges. Judging by what I have heard over the past couple of days, the main task of the Government, the healthcare system, and the Center for Disease Control is to ensure timely identification, and the main task of our citizens is to follow basic personal hygiene habits, which is quite simple.

Consequently, I believe that we will succeed in dealing with these tasks together. I reiterate that the Government of Georgia is taking every preventive step necessary and keeps the process fully under control. In addition, I would like to ask every member of the Interagency Council, and to instruct the council"s leadership, to create a special mechanism for answering every possible question without exception, especially since the Government of Georgia is in full control of the process, and we have been quite successful in combating this global challenge”, - concluded the Head of the Government.