25 October 2021,   19:49
Gia Zhorzholiani presented a bill banning paid advertising during the pre-election period

“Today, we have the window of opportunity to make the Parliamentary Elections 2020 the start of the qualitatively new political phase in the country. Such a statement the MP Gia Zhorzholiani made at the briefing while introducing his legislative initiatives on allocation of media time for the parties during the electoral period.

According to him, the first bill aims at equal conditions for the political parties in the pre-election period in terms of media time, annulment of the paid political advertisements and allocation of equal air time for every registered political party.

“It will facilitate competitive and equal conditions in the elections. Various political parties will have the opportunity to introduce their political vision to the electors. It will provide our citizens with wide options and I mean that the citizens shall have the opportunity to hear every position valuable for them. The Parliament is elected for the term of 4 years and these 4 years will be of the quality as the newly elected Parliament is”, - concluded the MP.