28 October 2021,   20:42
Our citizens are in need today, and many cannot provide for their families, which is why we cannot afford any delay - Giorgi Gakharia

Because of the current crisis, our citizens are in need, with many having lost their sources of income and no longer able to provide for their families, which is why we are racing against time, the Prime Minister said.

According to Giorgi Gakharia, although it is a global pandemic and challenge, it is also a global economic crisis, a challenge no small country can handle alone. He emphasized that the Government must do its job and be maximally effective and quick in doing so.

“That is exactly why we took the initial steps, and the first rapid and maximally comprehensive economic steps addressing the post-crisis recession involved deferring utility and mortgage payments for both individuals and companies. That enabled us to be one step ahead in analyzing the complexity of challenges, and only then develop and present a concrete targeted assistance plan, which is already benefiting our citizens. In addition, we presented 4 anti-crisis plans for the most affected sectors, and we have always said that post-crisis economic strategies are a different story, different plans requiring a different level of work. You all, especially economic team members, are engaged in these platforms created by us for the country’s post-crisis economic recovery. It is the country’s economic development strategy, short-, medium-, and long-term, one we are currently working on in collaboration with the finest scholars from Cambridge and London Universities, also New York’s Deloitte analysts alongside our local experts. The very first draft of this plan, upon completion, will be offered for review to our citizens. This plan will enable Georgia to be maximally prepared and effective in the yet undetermined and undefined post-pandemic economy and global competition”, - said the Head of the Government.