18 October 2021,   02:06
Prime Minister discussed Georgia’s rapid economic revival plan with international experts

How can Georgia successfully position itself on the post-pandemic global economic map? What steps should the Government take to ensure rapid post-crisis economic growth, competitiveness, and poverty reduction? What priorities will define the economy in the next few years? The Government of Georgia is collaborating with a consultative group of high-level experts to develop the country’s rapid post-crisis recovery plan.

The Prime Minister held an economic policy videoconference with Cambridge and London University Professors Ha-Joon Chang, Christopher Cramer, and Jonathan D. Jones. The Head of Government and the world-acclaimed economists discussed ways to overcome Georgia’s major economic challenges like the current account deficit, the national debt"s volume, and others.

The meeting emphasized that one of the Government’s priorities is to ensure that post-crisis economic growth applies to each citizen. The consultative group, with support from donor organizations, has been selected based on its members" years-long experience with emerging economies and their high professionalism.

To develop a long-term strategy fitting in the new global economic setting, the group have already held meetings with representatives of both governmental institutions and the private sector.

Consisting of top-level experts, the consultative group seeks to assist the country in bouncing back after the crisis and recovering its economy.