18 September 2021,   11:37
The State Security Service issued another statement regarding the arrest of Vasambek Bokov

As it is known for public, on June 15, 2020 State Security Service made a statement in relation to the case of Vasambek Bokov, in which we provided the information, which, from our point of view, was significant and necessary in order to disseminate accurate information to the public and ensure that there was no room left for manipulation.

In the mentioned statement, we made an explicit indication that an intensive investigation is ongoing into the case and dissemination of any information – whether it is true or fake – may damage a major public interest – to establish objective truth, expose every individual involved in crime and bring them to justice.

Nevertheless, in the course of discussions of the matter in media outlets, in some cases, irresponsible statements are made which are not based on factual circumstances and what raises more concern, damages the interest of the investigation.

We should take it into consideration, that various investigative activities are being carried out into this very complex case in a continuous mode, evidence is being collected and assessed and based on the scrupulous analysis, every next step is being planned in order to ensure that none of the versions and factual circumstances are left beyond due attention of the investigation.

In the course of the mentioned process, any detail which, at a first glance, may seem minor, has a decisive significance, due to which, we once again call on everybody to refrain from public discussions of circumstances of the criminal case, in order to ensure that investigative process ongoing in an intensive manner is not hampered.

Furthermore, we would like to underline that we express readiness, to receive information related to the criminal case in line with rules and procedures prescribed by law from any person and call on public to cooperate with the investigation.