26 September 2021,   23:38
I would not go into details, I call for the full implementation of the March 8 agreement - Adam Kinzinger

I hope that Constitutional Amendments will have support of all parties at the final hearing -Congressman Adam Kinzinger commented about the approval of Constitutional amendments by Parliament of Georgia with the second reading today during the video conference with Georgian journalists.

“I got the news today that the second round passed and it passed with only Georgian Dream votes. I want to congratulate everybody that voted for this. It"s a positive step. I know there"s still some ways to go. I also call for the full implementation of the March 8 agreement. I think it"s important. What I am not going to do though is to get in the middle of who"s right and who"s wrong, what still needs to be done. That"s not our job. Our job is just to continue to encourage both sides to work together. And I do that now.

The main issue is the full fulfillment of March 8 Agreement. I would not go into details since the signatories knew well about all the conditions of the agreement.

Progress was already reached in the parliament but steps ahead needed to be taken to fulfill the agreement fully. Every Georgian deserves to be represented by the parliament. Also, free and fair judiciary should represent all Georgians. I do not support any party. This would not be correct. As for details, it depends on Georgian citizens to work for democracy”, - said Adam Kinzinger.

The Parliament of Georgia passed the constitutional amendments through the second reading. The 119 deputies registered for the sitting, 115 supported the constitutional amendments.