18 September 2021,   11:36
Trump, Poland"s Duda discuss sending some U.S. troops to Poland from Germany

Polish President Andrzej Duda became the first foreign leader to visit U.S. President Donald Trump since the coronavirus pandemic led to global lockdowns.

A defense agreement between two countries would send more U.S. troops to Poland, bolstering defense cooperation between the two NATO allies and acting as a further counterweight against Russian aggression.

“I think it sends a strong message to Russia”, - said Trump during the press- conference with Duda, where he criticized other European countries for buying Russian energy.

Polish President added that Russia’s strong Imperial ambitions have been revived over the last tens of years, because Georgia was attacked in 2008.

Duda said it was an honor to discuss next steps in relations at the White House: “Today we are entering another stage, namely there is a possibility of further increase in American troops in our country”.