22 September 2021,   01:23
Gavrilov in this building, in this chair was unacceptable, it was the biggest political mistake and maybe even a crime - Giorgi Gakharia

The presence of Sergei Gavrilov in this building was unacceptable, a political mistake, perhaps a crime too. Such a statement the Prime Minister of Georgia made while presenting his annual report at the Parliament.

“When politicians, many of whom are here today, did not organize, I did not directly accuse them, but they stood by and watched when our citizens’ peaceful protest turned violent.

I remember Giga Bokeria’s face, Sergo Ratiani… they did not say it was a crime, of course, therefore, the attack on the police and the intrusion into the Parliament is a criminal offence. In all respects, this will be the case when our police did not allow protesters to storm the Parliament as it was their duty”, - said Giorgi Gakharia.