01 November 2020,   02:52
The Minister of Internal Affairs issued the order regarding the parliamentary elections

The Minister of Internal Affairs, Vakhtang Gomelauri issued the Order to ensure the conduction of Parliamentary Elections scheduled on October 31, 2020 in free, safe and peaceful environment, as well as with the aim of prevention of violations of the law and the response thereto.

According to this Order, the responsible groups for the prevention of the violations of the law and for the response to them will be formed in the police departments within their operating territory throughout the regions of Georgia.

With the aim of facilitating the conduction of elections in safe and free environment, the respective groups are tasked to ensure the fulfilment of the relevant measures within their operating territory, the conduction of pre-election agitation in safe and free environment and the realization of the preventive police actions defined by the “Law on Police”.

The Order obliges all police officers to strictly adhere to the principle of political neutrality while performing official duties.

According to the Order, It is impermissible, that the activities of a police officer (a representative of police forces) be directly or indirectly applied in favor or against any political party.