25 October 2020,   07:08
Group of cyber criminals exposed by the Ministry of Internal Affairs – two persons detained

The officers of the Division against the Fight with Cyber Crime and Guria Police Department, as a result of jointly held investigative-operative activities detained two persons : T.Ts. (DoB 1992) and O.Ch. (DoB 1990).

T.Ts. is accused of illegal access to the computer systems, unauthorized alteration of computer data and swindling committed in group with a previous consent, which has resulted in a substantial damage. O.Ch. is accused of swindling committed in group with a previous consent, resulting in a substantial damage.

Committed crime envisages from 3 to 9 years of imprisonment.

Investigation established that on April 28 and June 6 of the recent year, T.Ts. by means of the handmade ATM machine, managed to create the so called “Dongle Code” of ATM machines located in Senaki and Zestaponi. By means of the mentioned handmade appliance, he transacted cash to his unverified account in the amount of 7000 GEL from one of the totalizator accounts owned by a certain citizen. Part of the mentioned sum – 200 GEL was transacted to the actual totalizator account of O.Ch, which was later cashed. The second part – 5000 GEL was also later cashed by T.Ts. from the ATM machine located in Kobuleti.

As a result of the complex search and investigative activities both of the detainees were taken under arrest in Ozurgeti.

During the personal search and search activities held in detainees’ places of residence law enforcers seized mobile phones, plastic cards, and SIM cards as evidence.

Investigation is in progress under the article 284, II part, sub-paragraph “B”, article 286, III part, sub-paragraph “B”, article 180, II part, sub-paragraph “A” and “B” and part III of the same article, sub-paragraph “A” of the criminal Code of Georgia.