20 January 2021,   04:41
NGOs are calling on the Government to take concrete steps regarding the elections and the pandemic

Local NGOs have published recommendations for the Government to reduce pandemic risks in upcoming elections. They underscored in the statement that severe epidemiological situation in Georgia amid polls asks for utmost protective measures and transparent procedures.

Considering a vast array of challenges caused by dramatic soar of infection cases two weeks before the polls, organizations suggested three main measures that could assist the Government in conducting the elections in safe and democratic environment:

1. Expanding the Crisis Council, which should allow all important actors related to the elections to participate;

2. Developing the plan for managing the COVID-19 outbreak with various scenarios of its spread rate;

3. Defining the rate and severity of the epidemic and the number of people infected by the coronavirus that would necessitate the declaration of a state of emergency, postponing of elections and imposing of restrictions.