25 June 2022,   11:04
ISFED releases fifth interim report on pre-election environment

The International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy (ISFED) released its fifth interim report on the pre-election environment ahead of October 31 parliamentary polls.

According to the document, as polling day draws closer, incidents of pressure, threats, obstruction and violence on voters, activists and opposition politicians remain the key challenges of the pre-election environment.

ISFED identified 9 alleged cases of politically motivated violence; 37 instances of alleged political pressure/threats; 2 supposed cases of pressuring the media; 1 alleged case of obstructing an observer’s activities; 10 supposed instances of vote-buying; 3 alleged dismissals on political grounds; 18 possible cases of the use of administrative resources; 16 instances of participation of unauthorized persons and 3 instances of participation of religious organizations in the election campaign; 2 wide-scale charity projects and instances of damaging agitation materials throughout the whole country.

ISFED also voiced concern that public school directors and teachers may be coerced into participating in the election campaign by fear of losing their jobs.