30 November 2020,   03:02
ISFED survey - More than 700 anonymous political Facebook pages were analyzed as part of the monitoring

The International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy (ISFED) published its second interim report on social media pre-election monitoring, which identified 66 unofficial, anonymous and false media Facebook pages which have been working during the campaign period to discredit political parties. 

Out of these pages, 36 pages were working against the opposition, critical media outlets, civil activists and NGOs, while 30 tried to discredit the ruling Georgian Dream party.

More than 700 Facebook pages and 11,649 posts were analysed in total during this period.

Regarding political ads, ISFED says the political parties spent more than USD 320,000 on Facebook and Instagram, on a total of 4,925 ads, most of which were declared accordingly. However, the watchdog reported to Facebook 147 active non-declared political ads on 42 pages, with its response “insufficient” as only 23 of the ads were taken down.